Air Cargo

Donem Cargo offers a variety of AIR CARGO services to individuals, small business, companies and large corporations. We offer timely and convenient shipping options affordable to customers shipping from the United States to Africa and most especially Nigeria. Our weekly and sometimes twice a week shipment ensures our clients receive their goods in a timely order in about four to six days.




Donem Cargo standard services is the most economical choice for regular and non-time critical shipments. With this choice, shipment departs every weekend and becomes available for pick up at our Lagos office in about 4-6 days. At home or office deliveries are available upon request.




Priority services is for time-sensitive shipments that must be delivered within a certain time frame. This service offers customers different options including pick –ups and drop offs as well as accommodating customers’after hour schedules.


Our priority service is usually scheduled to leave with the next available airline and involves swift Customs clearance. Clients can also opt to clear their own shipment if that will suit them better.



  • Providing packing and shipping materials FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Assigned USA addresses for all customers
  • Consolidation of multiple shipments for reduced shipping cost
  • Free seven days storage
  • Free or Low fee pick up charge within 100 miles from our location.
  • Door to Door service to all Nigeria major cities
  • Convenient payment acceptance in both USA and Nigeria.
  • Sourcing and procurement of goods through our sister company