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World class shipping service

As one of the leading freight forwarders in the United States, you can always rely on Donem’s first class shipping services at very competitive rates to ensure the fastest connection of your shipments by Air/Sea from United States to Africa and beyond. Donem’s main goal is to provide you with excellent services while making sure that your time and money are well preserved. By virtue of our exclusive agreements and commitments with leading carriers in both Air and Sea, we enjoy special rates on all of our shipments and confirmed space in every booking which we will pass to you to guarantee a speedy and hassle-free delivery.

DONEM’S Worldwide Ocean freight services include:

Direct pick of container from any location, factory, warehouse, home, etc.

Frequent sailing with most reliable shipping lines

Efficient custom clearance and forwarding

Roll on and Roll Off services

L.C.L. Consolidation

F.C.L. Consolidation

Home and Office Delivery:


Majority of our customers pick up their shipment at our Lagos office,customers can opt to have their goods delivered to their home or office for extra charge depending on the area of Lagos that he/she resides.


Donem Cargo can store shipments in our USA and Nigeria warehouses free of charge for seven calender days,thereafter charges apply. Shipments received in our USA offices are expected to be shipped out within seven days and shipments delievered to our Lagos office are expected to be picked up within seven days, otherwise, storage charges will be determined and applied accordingly.

Local Carriers

Local carriers also known as (2nd carriers) are Nigeria transportation companies that Donem Cargo utilizes their service to deliver goods to customers that reside outside Lagos. Donem Cargo ships and clears to Lagos office only , customers are expected to pick up their shipments at the Lagos office. We can arrange to forward your shipment to any city of your choice through local carriers, Donem Cargo seizes to be responsible for that shipment from the moment we hand them over to the local carrier. Shipments will then be transported to other cities on the local carrier’s terms and condition of service, any complaints regarding delay,damage or loss will be between the customer and the transportation company used.


Charge for this service depends on where the shipment is going.

***Donem Cargo reserves the right to refuse request for some optional services at any time if such need arises even if that service has been paid for.***

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